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Improve Your Business Skills and Capability

Prepare Yourself For a New Future

You want to sustain your business in uncertain times, but may not be sure how.  Core business skills can be missed when attention is placed on solely on creating and marketing.  Our core business skills training will equip you to adapt, strategise, and opportunise for the future.   These affordable online courses can be implemented immediately so you can reduce uncertainty and build your capabilities in one.

Business capability is vital to success.
Confidence breeds business success.

Strengthen Your Confidence

 Rewire Beliefs to Build Self-Confidence

Many women choose business as a way of expressing a passion, supporting a family or living out a long-held dream.  However, business will challenge every aspect of your self-belief and confidence can waver when the future is unclear.  True self-confidence comes from erasing the unhelpful beliefs you hold about who you are and what you are capable of.   Our Blog explores how to shift these beliefs so you can face the future, whatever it holds.  Join the mailing list to get it sent direct to your inbox.

Sustain And Grow Your Business

Online Discussions and 1-1 Coaching Support

In Australia, non-employing businesses that don’t grow are most at risk of closure, and accounted for 40.4% of business closures between 2014-2018.   In hard terms, this is 514,847 business closures!  Many women are in this dataset, and many more are likely to be after 2020.  All my courses offer open online discussions so you are assured you have my ear.   Individual coaching on each program is also available.  It’s my business to help you stay in your business.  Click below if you would like to learn more about how I can support you. 

Business women helping each other

Irene D. Baker

Irene is a creative thinker, and experienced educator, trainer and learning facilitator.  Her small business is based in adult education, program design, coaching, consulting and project management.  With a passion and fascination for brain science, mind research and universal wisdom, Irene combines her broad range of skills and experiences and applies them to the world of women in business.  She will enthusiastically point you towards trusting in your ability to direct your own life, while refusing any belief in powerlessness in your thinking.

Picture of Irene D. Baker
Women need to claim their confidence

Claim Your Confidence

This online self-paced program began in April 2018 with support from the Queensland Government’s Advancing Women in Business Initiative.  The program explores the beliefs that affect your confidence in business, showing you how to ‘reset your mindset’ to growth and success thinking.

  • Eight modules with 1-1 online coaching support
  • Tailored to women in business and entrepreneurs
  • Self-paced – start when ready
  • Practical and based in brain science
  • Online discussions provided
  • Tackle imposter syndrome
  • Address a fear of failure or success
  • Twelve month access
  • Sign up today for AUD $149

“...this course has been almost life-changing for my mindset and thinking about the way I approach my work, colleagues (especially when I don’t see eye to eye with colleagues) and the topics about status and self sabotage have all been hugely impactful….I am no longer coming from a place of not feeling good enough, I am approaching my professional work from a place of inner confidence because of the things I have learned in this course.”

 Emma Woods, Participant

The Business of Self-Belief Blog

Practice 2: Decode Your Belief Programs

Practice 2: Decode Your Belief Programs

Introduction In a recent blog: The Power of Our Programs, I share my realisation that the worrisome thoughts and negative self-talk I repeat to myself, are like a ‘program’ in my brain that I have been writing for many years.   These programs are filled with thousands...

Practice 1: Write Better Beliefs

Practice 1: Write Better Beliefs

Of all the Practices that I will be sharing, this is one of the most important.  Changing beliefs about yourself underpins most of what I offer on this site, and it is the basis of my Claim Your Confidence online course.  This practice offers you a practical way to...

The Power of Our Programs

The Power of Our Programs

Business is a wonderful way of expressing your freedom.  You literally design, develop and create a future for yourself that currently doesn’t exist. You get to decide what the vision is, how it will unfold and what goals will be achieved.  It is a massive act of...

Assess Your Business Ideas Using Head & Heart

Assess Your Business Ideas Using Head & Heart

As a woman thinking about going into business, it’s important to know that not every idea has the potential to become a business opportunity.   Ideas, as they say, are a dime a dozen.  When you assess your business ideas thoroughly you will know if any of them will...

Are Your Beliefs Building Business Confidence?

Are Your Beliefs Building Business Confidence?

If you are a woman thinking of starting a business, you are not alone.  Thousands of Australian women are considering starting a dream business and thousands more have started one in the last year.  According to recent ABS data an additional 46,600 female business...

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