The Business of Self Belief

A Quest of Self-Discovery for Women In Business

The Business of Self Belief

A Quest of Self Discovery for Women in Business

Our Focus


Many women go into business as a way of exploring their independence, freedom, and creativity.

Our focus is on the beliefs you hold, and what you discover about yourself, as you experience the highs and lows of starting and expanding a business.

Our vision is to see all women rebuilding and renewing their beliefs about who they are, and what they are capable of.

  • Learn to build your business confidently with a clearly focused mindset with our Online Course.
  • Explore the challenges that come with business and how you can address the fears that cause you to stumble through our Blog.

Online Courses

Claim Your Confidence is our online course that coaches you to build confidence and strengthen self belief by tackling the brain habits that cause unhelpful beliefs.

Irene's Blog

The stages of business from exploring ideas to defining purpose, addressing fear, owning inner power and starting again.

Contact Me

Interested in 1-1 coaching or a tailored program for women at your business?  Contact me to discuss how we can lead more women towards greater self-belief.

“A big thank you to Irene Baker who challenged our mind set with discussing how the brain works, mind maps and reclaiming confidence. The brain is an extremely complex organ and Irene was able to offer simple strategies to help understand more about what the brain does and how it works. When you know more about your brain, you can discover you can do more with it. This knowledgeable and inspiring session was totally different from any training undertaken by the ladies before. Highly recommend Irene for training for other organisations.” 

Women of Lot Feeding

Irene D. Baker

Irene is a creative thinker, and experienced educator, trainer and learning facilitator.  Her small business is based in adult education, program design, coaching, consulting and project management.  With a passion and fascination for brain science, mind research and universal wisdom, Irene combines her broad range of skills and experiences and applies them to the world of women in business.  She will enthusiastically point you towards trusting in your ability to direct your own life, while refusing any belief in powerlessness in your thinking.

Claim Your Confidence

This online self-paced program began in April 2018 with support from the Queensland Government’s Advancing Women in Business Initiative.  The program explores the beliefs that affect your confidence in business, showing you how to ‘reset your mindset’ to growth and success thinking.

  • Eight modules with 1-1 online coaching support
  • Tailored to women in business and entrepreneurs
  • Self-paced – start when ready
  • Practical and based in brain science
  • Online discussions provided
  • Tackle imposter syndrome
  • Address a fear of failure or success
  • Twelve month access
  • Sign up today for AUD $149

My Blog

Assess Your Business Ideas Using Head & Heart

Assess Your Business Ideas Using Head & Heart

As a woman thinking about going into business, it’s important to know that not every idea has the potential to become a business opportunity.   Ideas, as they say, are a dime a dozen.  When you assess your business ideas thoroughly you will know if any of them will...

Are Your Beliefs Building Business Confidence?

Are Your Beliefs Building Business Confidence?

If you are a woman thinking of starting a business, you are not alone.  Thousands of Australian women are considering starting a dream business and thousands more have started one in the last year.  According to recent ABS data an additional 46,600 female business...

Feeling Grateful for a Home-Based Business

Feeling Grateful for a Home-Based Business

No matter how much we enjoy our business, at some point we all want (or need) to take a holiday.  It takes careful planning to leave a business behind, but doing so frees you up for a rest so you can see things with fresh eyes on your return. Having just returned from...

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