Online Courses

who is it for?

Women in Business
  • Profit, Not-For-Profit, Organisations, Trades
Female Entrepreneurs
  • Starting out or experienced; ‘Mumpreneurs’
Hearing a Call to Business
  • Got an idea or envisioning a dream
Women Mentoring Women
  • Personal or professional mentors,
    family mentoring younger women

Is Online Learning For Me?

What can I expect?

Targeted, small chunks of learning across a number of modules, using case studies, video, discussions and downloadable handouts to help it make sense.  My courses are based in adult learning principles which support you to apply and practice what you are learning on the job. Plus, many women have come before you and generously shared their stories and examples so we can learn from each other. 

Will it be too hard?

As a long-time educator I know what makes a program easy to learn.  Small chunks of information, relevant videos to help the learning, and simple exercises you can do at home or online.  Plus, you can ask questions on each module or send an email for assistance. 

But I prefer face to face learning

I love group learning too but it’s a shame to miss out when the course you want isn’t available in your location.  My online learning attempts to bring the same group experience to you.  We offer a comments section on every course and you can read the comments that other women have posted as they share their experiences.  Online isn’t as lonely when you know others are working on the same issues as you.

Claim Your Confidence

The Claim Your Confidence Online Course explores the beliefs that impact on your confidence as you build your business, do exciting business projects and find meaning in your work.  We support women in solo operations, social enterprises, not for profit organisations and entrepreneurial ventures to create the resilient thoughts and beliefs that you need to be successful in business today.  Eight modules self-paced with online support.

“For me, the strength of the program has been the ability (I would also say the permission) to tune into the good stuff and filter out the negative. I now hear how many successful business women talk about the self-saboteur, about visualising who you want to be and giving yourself permission to be that person, about understanding that friends and family may find it hard to accept who you are becoming, and may unconsciously try to hold you back.  It’s been a wonderful course Irene.  Well balanced, easy to read, grounded in research.  A gift.  Thank you.”

Dr Elizabeth Kirk (PhD)

Founder, Beyond Ergo

Create a Compelling Vision

Creating a vision for your business is about using your power to create something from nothing and to ‘see it’ at a point in the future, fully formed and doing what you believed it would or could do.

Once you ‘see’ your vision, your commitment to it increases. An inspiring and emotionally driven vision statement provides the motivation for you and your employees to focus your energy on reaching this destination. Without a vision to focus and guide you, you could invest many years working at strategies that never quite align to the ideals that got you into business in the first place.

This mini course will step you through a simple process to imagine a vision, check its alignment with your current business activities and branding, and help you communicate your vision effectively to others. It is the first step to any further business strategy you might develop and will set you on the way to aligning your intentions with your actions.

Sign up today and start creating an inspiring future for yourself and your business!

Mentoring Women in Business Brochure

This brochure was developed in collaboration with the Queensland Government’s Advancing Women in Business Initiative in 2018.
Assisted by research I conducted with female mentors and developed for women who may be formally or informally mentoring other women,  this brochure explains how low confidence can affect women in business, and how, as a mentor, you can encourage her to challenge the beliefs that lead to self-doubt and help her shift to a mindset of greater confidence.

Free to download and distribute.

A Growth Mindset helps people to see prejudice for what it is ...

someone else’s view of them – and to confront it with their confidence and abilities in tact.”

Dr Carol S. Dweck from Mindset (2018)

"It is almost as if women are conditioned to believe that they will never have a role to play in business.

We women in business are actually measured by how many male characteristics we have.  All this reflects the stereotypical male thinking that our emotions and our caring and our sensitivity and our intuition are not to be brought to the workplace.  And yet it is these very ingredients that will change the notion of business.
Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

"Throughout my life, I've been on the receiving end of many 'no's..

I believe that each of us has the power to choose what role, if any, our past experiences will play in our future. I’ve chosen to make them a big part as I know they’ve shaped who I am today.”

Naomi Simson, Founder of Red Balloon Days

"How can we tame those voices in our heads that say we're not smart enough, forceful enough or polished enough to go big or attract capital?

These limiting beliefs are like invisible jugs of water we carry around on our head.  We have to concentrate so much on not spilling any water that we wind up taking baby steps.  And because we move forward gingerly and cautiously, we keep looking down at our feet instead of up, toward the future.”
Julia Pimsleur, Million Dollar Women (2019)