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Recently I participated in the 3- day Ignite conference for Women of Lot Feeding in the lovely (but so dry!) Bunya Mountains.  It was a fabulous event and a great opportunity to share how mindsets are formed and how we can create more helpful beliefs about ourselves.

Women of Lot Feeding is the initiative of Amanda Moohen who whilst participating in the Beef Connections Program developed the concept to network with women in other feedlots. Women of Lot Feeding was established to provide support, networking, contacts and opportunity for women in all aspects of the lot feeding industry.

The workshop allowed women of all ages and talents to discover the brain habits that contributed to forming their mindsets.  We discussed the mindsets that limit our thinking and those that extend it,  and shared personal stories about the challenges that we all face in believing and trusting in ourselves.

If you are a woman in the Lot Feeding industry, I highly recommend this group and the leadership they show in providing women with the support they need to grow in their career.  I look forward to engaging with them again in the future!

tips for small businesses

Edition 18 of the Small Business Connect Newsletter highlighted quick tips for changing your mindset from survival thinking to growth thinking.  The Claim Your Confidence course is an opportunity for you to consider how well the beliefs you have about yourself and your business, help you achieve your goals.  If you find that your inner talk is focused more on staying safe than reaching out to new things, your beliefs are behind this thinking.  Unpacking even one unhelpful belief will show you the way to change them all.

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