When life is in turmoil, most of us feel out of control.    We search for the gap or a break in the crisis long enough to get a breath and settle down our emotions.  But often, when everything is upside-down, finding your centre in times of crisis is very difficult. 

This practice is to help you find the location in your body that is always centred and grounded, so that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can go there and feel that you are on solid footing.


To feel centred and grounded when life is up-ended.



A quiet space to sit


3-5 minutes

This practice uses the image of a mountain to help you feel that solid centre inside you.  Mountains are known for their solidness.  They formed by being pushed up from the earth when tectonic plates shifted, leaving giant masses of rock peaking up to the sky, forever dominating the landscape.  You are going to imagine that you are a mountain and feel that solidness within.

Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Put your feet on the ground.  Start to gather all the bits of yourself that you feel are uncontrollably floating around you, into yourself.  Gather in your emotions – the wild, sad and fearful ones that seem to be swimming around you, threatening to overwhelm you.  Bring them into you and feel yourself seated solidly on the chair or on the ground,  being in your body, feet connected to the earth.

Now, imagine a mountain in your mind and dwell on the idea that you are this mountain.  How does a mountain feel?  See it as solid, immovable, with vast deep power.  Power that rises from its fixed placement on the earth.  Allow yourself to feel its strong, rock-like, quiet, enduring patience.  Nothing can disturb mountain.

Allow yourself to feel that mountain allows all things to happen around it and upon it but it never ceases to be mountain.  It does not flinch in storms or hide from the change in seasons .  It holds still, rock solid, powerful and grounded.  Mountain is the centre of the storm, it is the centre of you, strong and enduring.

As you practice being mountain, feeling mountain and recalling mountain in times of unrest and anxiousness, you will find that centre in your solar plexus begin to feel solid and calm.  Breathing will settle.  Mind will rest as you experience the mountain.  You hold within you all the qualities of the mountain.  You are this strength, you have this endurance, you own the same power of mountain.