No matter how much we enjoy our business, at some point we all want (or need) to take a holiday.  It takes careful planning to leave a business behind, but doing so frees you up for a rest so you can see things with fresh eyes on your return.

Having just returned from a 5-week sojourn through Canada and the USA, I’m taking a few days to settle back into the routine at home and reflect on my experiences away.

My gratitude in having a home-based business which can accommodate my gradual return to normality, is overwhelming.  So, I thought I’d share a few of my gratitude thoughts about working from home that we often forget in the busyness of business.  Maybe they also give you pause to remember how wonderful it is to have this flexibility in your home workplace.

It’s Quiet

A quiet workspace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it gives my brain ‘breathing space’ to think. When I am not travelling, I forget how noisy the world is.  At home there are no taxi horns blaring, no sirens screaming down the street, nobody yelling or shouting obscenities.  I am grateful for the peace and quiet in which to work.

I Can Hear Birds

On my travels I visited cities where not a single bird was seen much less heard.  In my home-based business, I hear the birdsong through my windows and am grateful for their gentle chirping morning through night.


Space is at a premium in much of the world.  There is no space to sit, much less sit and think.   In New York City, they sell the air above buildings because there is no space on the ground.  I am grateful for the space that home provides to reflect and plan thoughtfully.


As I write this, I am bathed in sunlight from my office windows.  How we take sun and fresh air for granted!   I spent days in cities where sunlight never hit the street.  The tall office buildings blocked all sun from view.  I imagined working in a building that never had sunlight and then walking home in shadowed streets.  I am so grateful for the pure light of the sun.

Free Movement

I am grateful that I can move freely about my home while working.  If I need a change of scenery, I can take my work outside or to another room.   I have the freedom to move around without navigating thousands of people on the street or on subways.  I can work anywhere I want to throughout the day. 

Pets and Coffee!

I smile at the cat sleeping at my feet.  I am grateful I can have the joy of pets in my home-workplace.  Animals remind me that not everything needs to be done in a hurry.  And I am grateful that I don’t have to drink American brewed coffee for US$4.75 a cup!

Slowly does it…

Having rushed around for many weeks, I’m particularly grateful for the opportunity to slow down now and steady my pace.  Running a business can be like travelling. The brain urges us to grab every opportunity in front of us in case we miss out.  We relentlessly search for new and better experiences, hoping to find a fulfilling reward. Working from home helps me set a pace which keeps me focused on what is important to me right now, today, rather than in the past or future.

Minimal distractions

Finally, I’m eternally grateful for the lack of distractions in my home-based business.  I’ve heard many people say, ‘I couldn’t work from home, I’d be so distracted’ but I have never found that to be a problem.  It is the lack of environmental noise, fewer people and a solid routine with that keeps me focused and productive.

I’m grateful for the experiences that come from being away, but equally grateful to be reminded that home, and all the wonderful things that a home-based business can provide, are often underestimated in my busy day.  If you have something you are grateful for in your home-based business, feel free to share it in the comments below.

Warm wishes,