The Business of Self Belief

Helping Women in Business Address the Issues That Hold Them Back From Their True Potential

The Business of Self Belief

Helping Women In Business Address The Issues That Hold them Back From Their True Potential

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Choosing to be a woman in business is a rewarding yet challenging decision which can greatly enhance your life and that of your family and community.  But to realise these benefits you need to stay in business.

Powerful thinking addresses the self-belief issues that lead to many women walking away or talking themselves out of their dream.

  • Our online programs address issues of self-doubt, beliefs of powerlessness and fear of failing to encourage you to build your business confidently with a clearly focused mindset.
  • Our Blog provides solutions for women who have the resolve to keep going and want practical strategies to overcome limitation thinking.

Explore our site to see where we can help guide you to greater self-belief.

Online Courses

Online courses to build confidence and strengthen self belief by tackling the brain habits that lead to imposter syndrome and fearful thinking. 

Self Belief blog

Practical tips and tools to help you strengthen your belief in yourself

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Interested in a tailored program for women at your business?  Contact me to discuss how we can lead more women towards greater self-belief.

Irene D. Baker

Irene is a creative thinker, and experienced educator, trainer and learning facilitator.  Her small business is based in adult education, program design, coaching, consulting and project management.  With a passion and fascination for brain science, mind research and universal wisdom, Irene combines her broad range of skills and experiences and applies them to the world of women in business.   She will enthusiastically point you towards trusting in your ability to direct your own life, while refusing any belief in powerlessness in your thinking.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”  Marianne Williamson

Claim Your Confidence

This online self-paced program began in April 2018 with support from the Advancing Women in Business Initiative under the Queensland Office of Small Business.  The program explores the beliefs that affect your confidence in business, showing you how to ‘reset your mindset’ to growth and success thinking.

  • Eight modules
  • Tailored to women in business
  • Self-paced – start when ready
  • Based in brain science
  • Practical so you can implement today
  • Optional private FaceBook group
  • Sign up today for AUD $149
  • For entrepreneurs
  • Online support provided
  • Discuss with others
  • Tackle imposter syndrome
  • Face up to your fear of failure or success
  • Address perfectionism in yourself

My Blog

What is Confidence?

Many women say they want to be more confident – but what exactly is confidence, and how do we get it?  Are some people born with it while others miss out?  Is it something that we can learn or work towards achieving, or even ‘fake’ or ‘buy’ if we purchase the right...

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